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1 Persons

Baby/Child Seat


Ford Focus
Ford Focus/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 3 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 3 Luggages
Mercedes Vito
Mercedes Vito/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 6 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 6 Luggages
Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes Sprinter/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 10 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 10 Luggages
Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes Sprinter/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 13 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 13 Luggages
Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes Sprinter/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 16 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 15 Luggages

Marmaris (Any Hotel) - ADB - Izmir Airport Transfer

Cesme is located 94 km west of Izmir, surrounded by Urla from the east, Karaburun from the north, and Aegean Sea from the west and south. One of the pearls of the Aegean, Çeşme is famous for its unique architecture, historical and natural beauties, rich cuisine, herbs, wine and artichoke. In ancient times, the name of the so-called Cyssus in the vicinity of the name of today's source water is abundant and due to the growing fountains in time. Some of these fountains have remained intact and some have survived to the present day. Ildırı (Erythrai), one of the first ancient settlements of 12 Ion, is one of the historical riches of the district. Lydia, Persia, Pergamon (Pergamon) Kingdom, Roman and Byzantine sovereignty has lived and met Turkish sovereignty with the Turkish seaman Çaka Bey. In this period, Cesme Castle is one of the most striking Ottoman works. II. During the Bayezid period, the castle was built by the governor of Aydin, Mir Haydar, and built by his son Mehmet. The Castle of Cesme was used as a weapon museum until 1984 and the artifacts found in the ancient city of Erythrai are exhibited. There is a caravanserai right next to the castle. The caravanserai that served as a hotel today is one of the typical Ottoman caravanserais built by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman. The other place, which is famous among tourists who come to Çeşme, is Chios Island. To visit the island of Chios which belongs to Greece has only door that is valid visa between Turkey and Greece. You can reach the island within 1 hour by the ships departing from Çeşme harbor. Don't forget to taste the chewing gum jam and the exquisite chewing gum with its unique aroma obtained from the chewing gum trees whose existence dates back to 6,000 years.

For passengers who prefer Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to get to Çeşme, you can make a reliable trip by transfer to Izmir Airport. This transfer is one of the most preferred cities of Izmir due to the increasing number of tourists in the summer months. İzmir Airport provides high quality and superior service to its passengers with its friendly and dynamic team and the latest technological equipment. Passengers who are taken from the airport by luxury vehicles are transported to Çeşme, one of the most beautiful places in İzmir.

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